Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Daily Reveal: Sunday's Set of 3 Fall Pillows

The Girl with Panache will soon be transferring to a permanent website. My husband is so tirelessly trying to manage and juggle several different things, so I won't be demanding a deadline.  Until then, a few new things coming with the new website is an online store where you can purchase items with a Paypal account. A few fall items coming to my store are shown below. I am introducing a new item every day this week. Here are the previews:

Sunday's Fall Reveal: (Leaf pillow previewed on Friday) Set of 3 Cotton Duck Fabric Pillows adorned with a leaf, an acorn and a pumpkin in burlap and detailed with jute twine.  Dimensions: 11x17, 12x12 and 12x12 inches.

Saturday's Fall Reveal: Drawn and painted by hand, this Razorback on a burlap background is framed in a large embroidery hoop and hung with a black/white glitter chevron ribbon.

Friday's Reveal: A khaki Burlap Leaf outlined in twine and gracefully laying on a cotton duck pillow. It measures 11x16 in. and is 1 pillow in a set of 3, which I will feature on Saturday and Sunday .

Thursday's Reveal: What does the fox say?
Mr. Fox is a rusty red color and is on the khaki burlap and is framed with a small, vintage embroidery hoop.

Wednesday's 3 Reveals: 
 Squirly is framed by an over sized vintage embroidery hoop and sits on brown burlap. Hanging ribbon coming soon.

Lil' Punkin' sits weighted and filled with vintage book pages and is adorned with jute twine stem.

Lil' Punkin' II is framed in an oval embroidery hoop and is adorned with decorative trim and topped with burlap stem and leaves and can be hung with decorative ribbon, pics soon.

Meet Hootie the Owl. This would look fabulous on your front door or indoors as well.  My kids begged to keep Hootie and I promised I would make another one....sometime in between making fall clothes for my daughter, getting ready for a baby in November, creating fall items for sale and home school plus housework and cooking! Oh, that all seems so overwhelming.  So here is Tuesday's Fall Reveal

Hootie is made of khaki and green burlap and is also adorned with a beautiful rust, gold, turquoise and brown upholstery fabric. Details include a Vintage ric-rac ribbon in brown and cream, cotton duck fabric in cream.  Hootie is stuffed with vintage book pages and hangs on a rust colored tulle ribbon.

Monday's Reveal:
 A Deer silhouette in gold on a brown burlap fabric stretched onto a vintage embroidery hoop.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marlana's Thirty-One Facebook Party Review

I 've never heard of, until recently, instead of hosting a house or catalog party- hosting a Facebook Live Event from Thirty-One .  It was convenient for my friends and family to join at the live event or check in near the end and even take a look the next day at all the posts from the event.  It was super easy to invite those I know and my host was excellent. Plus you just click on the link when you're ready to order and that's it!

  It was like a little chatty party where you could review the products and videos at your own pace or keep up and comment as each post came out.  You still get to enjoy giveaways and it's just a new way to party and the benefits from making it convenient are rewarding. Hopefully I can post in a few days what I earn, being an online hostess.  With a new baby on the way, it's always nice to have a personalized item and much needed.  I also loved the lunch totes that are only available this month which are perfect for my daughter as she heads off to one day a week to HT Kids Academy, a new christian preschool in our area. I also have my eye on a cross-body purse to prevent my crazy purse bag from falling off my shoulder or dumping over as the kids step on it in the van!

Here is the link to order if you found something in the online catalog and the show will be closing soon. Thanks for your time and hope you found something you just love.


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baby #3 Gender Reveal

How everyone just loves (hates) suspense, especially when it comes to predicting a baby's gender. It's amazing how everyone one wants to announce the great news for you because they can't handle such a scandalous secret!  In fact, couples who choose not to find out at the ultrasound are almost scolded at the thought of "waiting" for the big reveal at birth.  Just too prehistoric of an idea?
 It's so funny to me how people guess what gender a baby is and if they're right they always say, "oh, I knew I was right", as if they have some sort of ESP  or perhaps  Superman's x-ray vision. When really there is a 50/50 chance you ARE right. 

 Though it has been fun with this third baby, we have a boy and a girl already, so we were happy with either. I'm a planner so I wanted to know the gender and couldn't wait until birth but still wanted it to be special.

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and we took a box with newborn shoes for a boy or a girl.  We had the technician put the right one in the box and we let the kids open it for us.  There was great celebration when we opened the box.  I had a suspicion it was a girl and most of my family thought it was a boy.  My thoughts up until a few days before the ultrasound was that it was a boy.  I prepared a few boy names, but was totally stuck without any girl names.  Both the kids wanted a baby brother and especially Landon.  His heart was set on a boy so he could play boy things and not get beat up by another sister. My husband was o.k. either way, of course. 
We mailed out scratch off cards to family and allowed them to see first, so now without further delay............here is the news!  

WAIT FOR IT...............WAIT FOR IT......



WAIT..........why is is to hard to wait in this culture?

Yes. Baby #3 is a girl.  I somehow felt like it was a girl about a week before the reveal, but didn't want to set myself up for emotional disappointment.  Poor Landon was just heart broken when he saw those little pink shoes in the box.  He buried his head on Daddy's leg and couldn't even stand the sight of those dainty little pink things.  Livia was excited because everyone was smiling and happy, so she was fine.  Her greatest joy is thinking about holding the baby's hand, which she thought was going to happen Tuesday.

Our greatest joy in our marriage has been waiting on God to bless us with children.  We both saved ourselves for marriage because we knew that the whole reason for the physical union was so that a man and a woman could bear children and it should not be taken lightly. 
Before each child was conceived, we prayed that God would bring it to pass in his perfect timing........and each time we certainly did not have to wait long.  In fact, as we prayed for this third one, we were thinking that a spring or summer baby of NEXT year would be fine, but God had other plans! Looking back we could have trusted God earlier in our marriage to bless us with children, not worrying about finances and such.  If we had kept waiting on those things to work themselves out we certainly would not have any children by now.  It's amazing that when we give up control to God he has the more perfect way for us and our lives.  Though uncomfortable and sometimes scary through trusting him, he always brings everything for our good.  He has certainly taught us to rely on him in every part of our lives.

We realize that it is a blessing and a treasure when we allow God to do things his way. When we trust and wait on him to bring his promises to pass, it is a path worth following. The journey from the beginning until birth is something only God leads you through.  What a miracle and amazing joy during this time that comes from only God.  Children are a heritage from the Lord and we don't take that lightly.

As I asked Scott if he knew how old he will be when he plans on retiring and he answered "55". I said, do you realize that this baby will be 15!  Are you sure you've saved for retirement and 2 and 1/2 weddings, 3 colleges, 3 cars, etc?  He said, "In that case, I better come up with a bigger plan and I might have to retire when I'm 65!" 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Patriotic Vintage Photo Props

In my vintage Patriotic photo shoot you might see some familiar things, depending on how old you are or if you were around your grandparents during the 70's and 80's.  Some items would be a console t.v., Norman Rockwell paintings, coca-cola glass bottles, a coca-cola wooden crate, the Pledge of Allegiance, church hymnals with a patriotic song, or a red wagon & WWII Ammo Box. I had a lot of fun putting this together so I hope you enjoy and I am hoping to expand my collection for party and photo shoot rentals. Join my facebook page to inbox me for rental prices. www.facebook/thegirlwithpanache.
My photos are not edited but still, please Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage Patriotic Toddler Outfit made from old shirts

 I'm gearing up to make some Vintage Patriotic photo props and while running through some scrap fabric I decided I would try and make a little outfit for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter.  My theme is vintage red, white and aqua blue for the fourth of July.
Surprisingly, this little sailor girl romper outfit is made from 3 old t-shirts from both my husband and I.  The blue was a button-up collar cotton shirt from Target, a cotton and a red t-shirt from Walmart and the white ruffle slub knit shirt was from Banana Republic, which had shrunk in the dryer and had a stain on it. 
I just knew I could use this fabric one day and today was the day.  I simply cut out the collar of the blue shirt, reversed it and sized the shirt to my daughter, cutting out the old sleeves out as well. I took the buttons off and sewed the button holes down flat.  I pieced the white shirt to the blue shirt and cut the trim from the red shirt neck trim to trim these sleeves. 
 By cutting strips of the remaining blue and red shirt I was able to make ruffles for the shorts.  The red sailor bow was just simply made by cutting out two rectangle shape and rounding the sides, sewing right sides together. I turned the right sides out and sewed the bow directly onto the shirt, gathering just enough to make it pouf out.  I took the ends and sewed them by hand so they would not flop around.
When my props are finished I will feature the 4th of July final photo session on a separate post.  Check back to see what other fun things I have up my sleeve! (no pun intended)
Update: Here's a peek of the photo shoot with my daughter and son.  Check out the full post and a look at a retro tv console makeover into something you'd never imagine.

I was also able to make a short little fringe bunting with the remaining strips along with another old white t-shirt. It is featured at the end of this post.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

What's hiding your jetted whirlpool tub?

Oh, sigh, the luxury of having a jetted whirlpool tub in your master bathroom.  You know it's a great selling point when you buy a house and you imagine how many wonderful, candlelit bubble baths you'll have while you read a good book and soak in luxury, right?
Well, then there were kids.....and laundry........and toys. The list goes on but my recent discovery about my beautiful jetted spa was not that I didn't have time, I just simply couldn't find the thing.  It was always hiding under things and got so neglected that I just didn't have the time to clean up all the things in the tub to actually get in!
So pregnancy has set in and the aches and pains tend to get a little bit worse near the last half and I needed a solution.  The kids were at grandma's house taking a short summer get away and I was left, to myself, with nothing to do....errrr, a million things to do. I was doing the laundry and decided to make a goal of getting it ALL caught up and completely & deeply clean my bathroom. While picking up the last load of laundry piled high in the re-purposed luxury jetted tub I discovered that I HAD a luxury bathtub and it was dirty.  Spiderwebs and lurking spiders, potted plants with dried up leaves, empty bath salt jars, all left to rot and untouched for months. Well, I said to myself, this has just gone too far.  How could I let my perfectionism get away like this? Shame on me.

So, I dove in and tackled the job.  I did a thorough job of filling up the tub with water and cleaning out the jets, I swiped up cobwebs and cleaned up my plants.  Then I filled up my lonely jars with epsom salt, polished the jar with dried lavender in it and placed my loofah right there in the midst of them.  I put a clean cloth and towel on the edge and waited for the hot water heater to refill so I could finally enjoy my luxury.   After all, I deserved it and really needed the soak while I listened to spa music and watched the baby in my tummy kick and make waves in the bath.  Oh, so nice and long overdue.

Soaking recipe:
1 c. epsom salt
5-10 drops Young Living Essential Oil (lavender is nice)
tablespoon of baking soda

A word of advice: ok, well a list of things to keep from neglecting your tub and take some time to refresh yourself for a change;
1. Don't use your tub for dirty laundry, EVER. Just use a portable hamper if you need the space and just take it out when ready for a spa time.

2. Keep your bath supplies ready and filled and dusted.  You don't want to see dirt while you're in the tub. Use glass canisters to give it a spa luxury feel.  Using a large apothecary jar is nice filled with epsom salt.  Add some essential oils nearby for quick access.

3. Keep a fresh towel and cloth on the side for quick moments of peaceful relaxation.  Even a 20 minute soak with jets will give you an all over boost.

4. Use fresh and organic plants near the tub and don't pile up ANYTHING unless it pertains to a spa time.  You don't want to see rubber duckies or spiderman diving gear anywhere near your quiet time....it just ruins the mood!

5. Keep the tub rinsed out and dusted and ready to go, otherwise you'll just walk on by!

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