Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wildlife and Game Hunters Video: Camo Family Outdoors

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wild turkeys wild turkeys are actually dangerous but thankfully ...

Growing up as a little girl, I remember seeing some things that most little girls don't get the privilege of seeing.  I say 'priviledged' in a sort of sarcastic tone, however it was very educational, to say the least.  It's not your every day little girl that gets to watch her dad cut open and gut a freshly killed deer.  It's certainly not every day that normal little girls experience the smell of Borax and formaldehyde and watch their Dad skin animals, paste and sew them onto a styrofoam shape and dry their skins with my old hairdryer.
  It is definitely unique for a little girl to open up her closet in her bedroom to play with Barbie dolls and instead find a frightening life like Bob Cat with his teeth showing and  sharp claws ready to pounce. Going to sleep at night was enough to give any little girl bedtime fright, to say the least!  It was also so strange to open up the freezer and see things labeled, "Bob's Turkey", "Ricky's Pheasant", "Louis's 12 Point Deer", "Richard's 16 Pound Fish".  
12 Point Buck1 | Deer & Deer Hunting | Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips
Although, some would cringe when they hear these things, however I didn't have a problem with observing and really learned a lot from my "taxidermy Dad".  He did spend a lot of time with his lovies and tried his best to share the important things with his kids the times he got the chance. Although, I would have enjoyed my daddy playing dolls with me and taking time to teach me to dance or simply having a tea party with me.   Those are things that matter to little girls and have such an impact on their self esteem.  These are the ways that little girls learn how a husband is supposed to treat them when they look for a husband and they most importantly learn how God is their heavenly father and he is concerned with each moment of their lives.
I am, however, proud of my Dad and his stand for Christ, his dedication to pray for me, and his commitment to providing for his family. My dad's background involved several years of teaching the science department at Altus school district and then he later decided to go into counseling and moved to Paris School District. Since he was old enough to hold a gun, a bow or ride in a boat and hide in his decoy, he has spent all of his down time doing these things that he loves.
Being a parent now, I know there are so many things that I love to do; diy projects, painting, sewing, decorating, organizing, crafting, but knowing it can be so easy to let these things take up all my time brings me to a decision.  Do I ignore my family while I indulge myself in these things or do I face the reality that those things, even though are a great way to escape the stress of raising a family, are not as important as spending time with my family.
For dads, this comes as a harsh reality when they realize they're taking all their energy and their extra time to go catch the next 12 pointer and then come home to their families exhausted from getting up at 4 a.m., to find that their best energy is gone.  Leaving the best part of themselves in the woods becomes another excuse and they justify it with selfish ambitions, while their children and wives are suffering for lack of leadership and family support and simply creating an sharing life's moments with them.
We talk about the epidemic problems with teens straying, kids cutting themselves to get rid of their emotional pain, suicides and even college age students never attending church again, but do we find a solution?  Studies have shown that  with an absent father comes a teen with low self esteem, fewer college graduations and and church drop outs. It is also a proven study that parents who divorce leave children with a tremendous amount of grief, feelings of loss, the pain that feels like the death of the only family they were part of, low self esteem and a great opportunity to blame God.

So I wanted to share this video with you, not to deter hunters from hunting, but to remind parents to make a balance between your hobbies and your home and family.  Make God the center of your lives and the leader of your home and share with your children the 'best' part of your day and not the last and least part. To 'man up' and follow the calling God has given you.  It is far more courageous and hero quality to be a Dad your kids can look up to than to hunt a 12 point deer you've been following for months.

 There can be many lessons taught to boys and girls who like to hunt with their Dad when they are old enough, as long as it becomes a family hobby. I feel this is the direction Camo Family Outfitters has shared in this reality video and continue to make their hobbies family oriented. I hope you are encouraged to be the man God intended you to be as you watch. There are several other videos they have shared on their facebook page that an outdoors sportsman would enjoy.

Camo Family Outdoors has put together a video called "One Day Too Late", from the self  titled song from Skillet. Here is the link to the video that all avid wildlife & game hunters need to see. Right click on link and select 'go to' and it will take you directly to their  facebook page video.  Please click on 'like' if you support their work. thanks.  

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Photo: Chris gets it done in Mo. Nice one!
Find these guys on facebook: Camo Family Outdoors

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our backyard noise maker revealed!

Our backyard noise maker revealed!
I've been trying to catch this little bird on camera, but by the time I grabbed my camera she always had disappeared.  So, finally this morning I spotted her and frantically captured her during a rain shower.  The images weren't clear as I normally like, I sure would have benefited from a zoom lens today. Here is my unedited images:

Woody the woodpecker

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Praying for the rocks behind our house to open up and eat a few fence posts!

I wanted to share something that my husband and I have been reading and praying together about.  After visiting my Dad's church, Russellville Assembly of God, they sent us home with the book they've been studying in my Dad's Life Group Class.  It has been something that I know God wanted to remind us about. It is not meant to replace God's word, instead the author shares his life experiences and others he has known God to answer some pretty big prayers.  Sometimes our culture wants to force us into a mode of "get it quick" and "get it now" scheme.  In fact, we know from scripture there are no shortcuts to prayer and hearing from God.  There is so much that God has in store for us, but we give up after praying a few times.  
In Mark's book he writes on page 91 in the chapter titled "unoffended"; "you can give up or hang on. You can let go or pray through. You can get frustrated with God or choose to live unoffended".
Along with this statement are many other 'aha' moments for me.  In fact, each chapter has been a challenge to my faith.  So the story I wanted to share with you recalls the events of this weekend and have finally sunk in for me, God has answered one of our prayers we wrote down and clipped it to our large memo board in the bedroom.  I have been looking at that thing all week and I would say short prayers about it.  But, when I wrote those things down in the beginning, it's like I decided to let go and let God take care of it.  I know I haven't prayed as much as my husband, so I'm excited to see the promises fulfilled as I continue to seek the Lord for all our needs on that board.
So, the last 2 weekends I took Mark's advice in praying like I was only depending upon God and working like it only depended upon that's what I did.  Over this course of time, one of our needs was a privacy fence.  It is something we really needed when we built the house but couldn't afford it.  We got 3 estimates for a fence and it was going to take triple what our budget alloted for.  I was really discouraged, but I still kept on seeking an answer.  I got on Craig's List and thought I'd put in a search, again, for privacy fence or wood fence, etc..  After many, many tries, this strange listing popped up. I thought, no-this is just a scam, I'm not going to call.  But, I did call and yes, a lady was selling her entire wood fence if a person could dig it up and take it apart it was theirs for nearly $800 less than the cost of us building, painting, hauling a new fence into our yard.  We knew we didn't have the time or equipment to build our own at this time , but here this fence is and less than 2 miles from our home, in Greenwood, from a great company, only 3 years old and fits in our yard; and to top it off, their yard was in a marshy type area and the ground was really wet( what more could you ask for).  My family loaned a work truck, actally named 'Old Yeller', living up to it's name since it is a faded Bonanza truck who is old, yet dependable.

 The lady was forclosing her property and the lender was allowing her to take the fence because it was not original to the property.  Just the timing of this ordeal and the logistics has made me realize today as I am watching my husband unload the fence panels in our yard, that God has answered.
Wow, I guess the only thing better than this deal is that it could have involved ; 1. No labor and 2. No money at all, but God has anwered our prayer in a way we never imagined.  We really toiled with going through with this plan, knowing all the work involved and worrying about the quality of the fence, but after seeing the fence yesterday and all the logistics of taking it down, we are just amazed and thanking God for his provision.  Now, we have a hard job ahead of us installing this fence; so just praying for the rocks behind our house to just open up and eat a fence post, or two, or 20!  

Update #1: Here is the first 4 posts, a gate and a side panel
Woo Hoo! One weekend, first week of work, maybe only a few more to go? The holes have been mildly difficult and my husband has only used a few hand tools and manual labor, no jackhammers yet!.  They are not as stubborn as we thought, so maybe God has erroded a the rocks a few thousands of years in one week? Hey, anything is possible!
June 24. We are now seeing the end of the tunnel.  With only 7 more posts to dig and half of the fence panels to install, we are so glad that we haven't needed any rental equipment.  We will, however need a jackhammer for the remaining posts, which could be done in a couple hours, thank goodness!  My poor husband has been working hard at his regular job + overtime and then coming home to work on the fence almost every evening.  I am so thankful for his dedication to finish this fence for our family.  I will post the pics once we're done.
As far as the other things we've been praying about update:
We were able to buy a small truck for my husband to drive to and from work and for hauling things.  We found it on Craigs list for $1200, a 2000 model and very similar to his first truck he had when I met him, brings back a lot of memories:)
Also, we're planning on getting insurance next month along with the employer paying partial payment.  This is just a few of the things that God has done for us. Not that we're anything special, but we are children of the King and he said in his word that he has everything we need, if only we'll just ask.  So, we're doing just that, asking and believing that he will honor his word.  I'm so thankful that God just shows up and shows out, after all, he deserves all the glory.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reading before Kindergarten starts?


Several different people recommended this book for Landon's kindergarten cirriculum and for some reason it sounded so familiar. I looked in Landon's bookshelf last week and I found this book, tucked away.  My Aunt had given it to me and I was saving it for Fall 2013, thinking it was going to be way difficult to use this early on.  I decided to try it with Landon to see where he might be on his learning level and wow, was I ever shocked.  We are on lesson 6 and he's already catching on.  I recommend this for any preschooler who is "bored" with pre-school work. Landon had gotten so bored with his regular homeschool stuff we've been doing.  The book guide shows 15-20 minutes per lesson, but we are done in about 10 minutes.  We started the rhyming part today and Landon jumped ahead and started finishing my sentences.  How am I going to slow this boy down?  I just want to make sure he learns the listening part so he'll be able to follow as it gets harder.  This is difficult for him, but we are atleast making some progress this week! I'm so excited to share this with you and hope you'll consider using this method.  It definitely seems the best way to teach communication, listening skills and non-picture association learning.  If you are overwhelmed by homeschool cirriculum as I am, you'll find this very simple and an excellent start for teaching your child to read.

You can pick this up at

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