Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Costumes

Yes, Thing 1 & Thing 2. You see, their hair is blue and their character so true.  There could not be a more fitting role from Dr. Seuss, indeed!I've posted several pictures, mainly for family and mostly for the cuteness thing 1 & 2 brought to the camera. It was so much fun to make these costumes and very inexpensive.  I was able to reuse all the items, except the logos on their shirts! Take a look and enjoy!  I have listed the items used for this project further below.

And this is why I chose these characters and the roles were perfectly cast!
Look at me, look at me
thing 1 and thing 2, now tell me...where's 3?
Ok, everybody.  I am SO proud of my son.  He has taken after me and he is organizing his candy! Yes, I was stood so tall when I realized what he had done after trick or treating.  He does pay attention, after all :)

For our treat bags, we used old oatmeal canisters and put white paper and red card stock stripes on. It was a last minute forgotten item, necessary for trick or treating! Landon carried his the Cat in the Hat.

At the end of the night, this was our feeble attempt to get everyone's picture, together, at the same time.  Pardon the background mess. We just started throwing toys to get on the floor. Mommy & Daddy had signs pinned on our red shirts that said, "Thing 3 & Thing 4" and Paparazzi at the bottom.

My husband did sit behind the ball in these pics.  Our front yard is all down hill, so Landon was not to be trusted with an over-sized ball!

Directions: Take an average knit winter hat and sew the boa in a circular pattern until you run out of hat or boa.  I didn't purchase enough, so I would recommend 3 boas for a fuller effect.  (Tip: when sewing, blow on the feathers to find your needle, it can be a bit puzzling).

For the shirt labels:  It would have been easier to find a free printable online, but I didn't have time or the special transfer paper to iron on.  So, I improvised, as usual.  I took a plain piece of cotton fabric and drew the text with a pencil.  I then took some black acrylic paint (should have used fabric paint, but again, none in my craft stock) and outlined everything. I then took a wider brush and filled in the rest. After drying, I roughly stitched the circle onto the shirts.  I plan to re-use the shirts after this holiday!
They had so much fun together, she and him.....the chances of them being very still are slim.  So if you have some wild things like I do, who open the crate and out comes the zoo. Try these little costumes and after your photo shoot, you'll be through! Whew!

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