Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage Patriotic Toddler Outfit made from old shirts

 I'm gearing up to make some Vintage Patriotic photo props and while running through some scrap fabric I decided I would try and make a little outfit for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter.  My theme is vintage red, white and aqua blue for the fourth of July.
Surprisingly, this little sailor girl romper outfit is made from 3 old t-shirts from both my husband and I.  The blue was a button-up collar cotton shirt from Target, a cotton and a red t-shirt from Walmart and the white ruffle slub knit shirt was from Banana Republic, which had shrunk in the dryer and had a stain on it. 
I just knew I could use this fabric one day and today was the day.  I simply cut out the collar of the blue shirt, reversed it and sized the shirt to my daughter, cutting out the old sleeves out as well. I took the buttons off and sewed the button holes down flat.  I pieced the white shirt to the blue shirt and cut the trim from the red shirt neck trim to trim these sleeves. 
 By cutting strips of the remaining blue and red shirt I was able to make ruffles for the shorts.  The red sailor bow was just simply made by cutting out two rectangle shape and rounding the sides, sewing right sides together. I turned the right sides out and sewed the bow directly onto the shirt, gathering just enough to make it pouf out.  I took the ends and sewed them by hand so they would not flop around.
When my props are finished I will feature the 4th of July final photo session on a separate post.  Check back to see what other fun things I have up my sleeve! (no pun intended)
Update: Here's a peek of the photo shoot with my daughter and son.  Check out the full post and a look at a retro tv console makeover into something you'd never imagine.

I was also able to make a short little fringe bunting with the remaining strips along with another old white t-shirt. It is featured at the end of this post.

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