Friday, March 30, 2012

Baseball Wall Art/Monogram Letter

This was a lot of fun to make for my 4 year old son.  When we were designing the nursery for his little sister, we felt his room needed a makeover, too.

now.Tools used: Paint, Monogram Letter, Medium paint brush, Small detail paint brush

First I made a small 'x' where the center of the letter would be. I then took a pencil and wrapped a string onto it.  I held my finger in the center of the 'x' and extended the pencil out around 18 inches and pivoted the pencil to draw the circle.

We then painted the inside white and free handed the lacing for the baseball in red paint. 

Finally, we hung the letter onto our pre-marked spots. I might later outline the baseball in a small dark painted outline, but it looks fine for

This little blue chair was found at a yard sale for $2 and was light blue and had rusty legs.  I painted the legs and the seat and voila!
The rest of the room is painted in a blue-gray inspired color from Benjamin Moore and done in a sports theme.  I've been collecting the blue storage baskets from Walmart for 
a while and I've labeled them and it helps Landon keep his
stuff organized and allowed me to find a place for his homeschool books and supplies .  We put a laminated storage bin unit with 6 canvas cubbies in the closet alongside a tall canvas rolling drawer unit.

Here is the most recent project in Landon's room. I had found a baseball bat and glove at an antique store and hung it on the wall using twine.  The baseball hardhat was my husband's when he was playing  and the jersey was also his.  I thought this would be a great way to display some memories. I'm planning on putting a sports pic of Landon in the frame later on.  

This wall has been changed since this pic.  My daughter has been trying to pull the chalk board, marker and memo boards down and eat the magnets & giant thumb tacs, eek!  So, we raised the boards and moved the all-sport hanger display over behind his door. 
The chalkboard was made using a poster frame and I removed the 
glass and painted the cardboard with chalkboard paint, genius, huh?  No, not really....but my son loves it!

 Ok, so here's the old water bed my husband had during his college years.  I need to find the picture before the remodel, but it had a 70's style headboard with the round wooden finials. We put cut some 1x4's and laid them as support and added a twin size mattress. 

And, to anyone's surprise, I just sawed off the curved pieces and the finials on the head board and foot board (no, no surprise really)while I was pregnant, using a manual hand saw.  Yes, this took a while, and my son kept saying, "Mom, how long is this going to take", I said...."Well, Mommy has to take breaks because my arm is tired, and my belly is in the way and I simply can't wait until your father comes back from his trip." When I got finished, he said, "Mom, I liked it better before you cut it, can you put it back?" 
Note: Please wait until you can use a hand saw that's electric!  The cuts were uneven and my husband had to finish it off and sand it when he got back..that was my plot to get him  motivated to finish my little project! hee hee, don't tell him!
My plans are to re-stain the bed and possibly put baseballs on the four corners or maybe some mini baseball bats: which ever is less destructive for an almost 5 year old!
 Here is the ugly stuff covered up.
 And this side has 2 drawers that I could eventually use to make a pull out bed! I changed out the old brass hardware, they were a little loose.
 Here are the red curtains I made. It looks completed but it is not.  I used some Hancock fabric that already had the lining on the back and was on sale.   I bought a grommet kit and you need to know that most household grommet kits are not meant for really thick material. I followed the directions on the package and used my sewing machine to hem the edges and folded over the top of the panel and simply marked where the holes needed to be cut.  I then added the grommets, which didn't stick.
I will eventually need to find some industrial size grommets and they will probably need a tool to assemble which I will have to wait to add that to my budget.   The curtain rod is from walmart. 
I also found these paper folded black out shades for a few dollars at walmart, and they do the job for now; they're just a little time consuming to raise and lower since it's manual and they probably will get bent.
Coming Soon: Livia's Nursery

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