Monday, September 23, 2013

There's a new name written down in glory.................

To my most dedicated readers: i apologize for not posting earlier, these first two months of  home school has taken me for a loop.  Not only are we busy, in a good way, but we're also doing co-op for the next 6 weeks.  I'm also in the middle of projects I'm investing my time on for my step Mom to sell in her booth at the MagPie in Clarksville. 
Landon is doing very well, in fact, has about 30 more lessons to finishing his learn to read program.  He is reading paragraphs now and doing great.  We try to be flexible each day and most days we HAVE to be with Livia the great Hudini and most especially Mrs. Curiosity and her fun game of opposites.  She can find herself in the midst of great messes and trouble at exactly all the wrong times.
Here's a quick look at some of these great times!

paper throw/sticky spider web, and yes they found a way to tear this up within minutes! forget the pinterest title "HOURS of FUN"

This activity did actually last longer than 5 minutes: Objects frozen in ginormous ice block. Great for a hot day! Not so great for frozen ice chips flying into toddler's face from brother's determination to get them out.

Landon's sometimes loving facial expressions for his teacher's requests!

 Special Guest Teacher: (Mamaw Annie) Mrs. Gack, teaching Arkansas History on how the state veggie/fruit Tomatoes are grown in her own garden.

 Soccer season is now in progress: Practices just now got a lot more serious!

Grandma Nina gave us her childhood piano. Landon & Livia have enjoyed playing and it's brought our home a new lively atmosphere. Landon has taken a great interest in Literature and the Arts and Math. He is especially fond of drama, music, and finished reading the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe recently(i read this to him)

Landon accepted Jesus Christ into his heart, September 18th, this week. We had been studying the plan of salvation in the Old testament, of obedience and trusting God and the penalties of sin and God's grace through his son Jesus.  I had been talking about my testimony of asking Jesus in my heart at age 7 and how real it was to me and how God spoke to me.  Every time i shared this, I cried and he kept saying, "oh no, are you crying again, Mom?"  So I explained why I was crying these tears of joy.  I also explained a hard subject of a man Landon knew from our previous church ministry, who passed away.  We talked about it very realistically and i talked about how when Terry got to heaven, he was able to see Jesus, face to face.  In fact, i got up out of my chair and showed Landon how he might have hugged Terry and embraced his homecoming.  We talked about how our sin puts a wall between us and God, and that Jesus Christ was the only way to take that wall down.
The privilege of homeschooling is I get to do what I love the most, and that's talk about the Bible in every subject.  Especially science, it's the greatest explanation of our creator. Explaining all these things to a child for the first time, makes me emotional and those moments are priceless when I see the look on his face as he hears for the first time, in great detail, the salvation message and my personal testimony.  He asked me if I was a Christian, while explaining how the Holy Spirit speaks to our brains and helps us make right decisions.  He said, "i want to do that thing you did. What do you call it?   He asked me to pray with him.  I almost tried to discourage him and said, "why don't we wait until you really understand,  he said, No, mom, I  understand and don't want to wait.  I didn't want to discourage him any further, so we prayed and i cried and we hugged each other. I said, did God speak to your heart? What did he say?  He said, God told him that he was a good boy and Jesus died for his sins.  Landon was excited to know that his name was written in "that big book", he told daddy this when he got home. We talked about how when there's a new name written down, the angels rejoice.  He smiled and planned to tell his family when he sees them, so he can hug them.
 We plan to explain baptism through the next year.  Right now he thinks it's a trip to the bathtub and mentioned he isn't stepping his toes in that baptistery!  We need more explanation and understanding!

Now, I am finally able to document this next, but not as eventful historical event:  Livia is wearing Mamaw Annie's dress, worn around 1959. When i find these pics of her I will post them side by side.

Another drum roll please.........Here is my dress worn around 1980, a vintage dress with such cute details. The dress label was entitled, "Cinderella".  

 Landon was concerned about a certain white goose that kept stealing the other geese's bread and was also afraid of them landing on the dock!

And the ducks were a lot less aggressive than the geese! He was concerned they weren't getting their share of bread.

Please feel free to write your thoughts here, I'd love to read them!