Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Photos

We tried to slow down our weekend by staying around the house on Saturday and attending church on Sunday.  We visited the Chronister family get-together on Monday and drove to Mt. Nebo to have some time away, just us.  So often we aren't able to just go somewhere without the hustle and bustle, so we tried to chill out at the pool and took a hike to the waterfall.  We ended up driving to one of our old houses in Russellville that we remodeled on Skyline, just to see what people had done to it since we sold it.  It certainly didn't look as pristine as when we left, but here's a look at what it looked like before the remodel in 2005, we paid $99,000 and post remodel, when we sold it in 2006, we sold it for $119,000:

image coming soon...............post remodel. Look for upcoming post on what we did to remodel without spending very much, yet made a big impact on the re-sell value.

  Here's a look at our weekend, enjoy!

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