Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Trip to Jack's First Birthday in Texas

(Birthday Party images below)Our little journey was worth the hassle.  We got to enjoy some fun moments and most importantly got to see my nephew and family.
We started our trip with a blaze and felt the anxiety of strapping down these hyper kiddos. Our vehicle filled with boxes of 'busy bags' and things to keep them occupied.  However, each bag lasted only a few minutes and they were quickly bored, or hungry and thirsty, upset or angry, needed to pee pee or already pooped.  It was a rollercoaster ride of events the entire way.  These kids are accustomed to being at home most of the time and the longest trip we take is an hour to an hour and a half at the most.  I'm pretty sure we need a mini van of some sort, so I could sit back with the kids. Anyway, we made it there alive, yet, quite frazzled.

  We stopped in Krebs, a suburb of McAlester, OK.  We ate at Pete's Place, a restaurant opened in 1924, and the place is quite interesting.  It's in an old historical home and the rooms are all private and enclosed with pocket doors.  It's a home style Italian restaurant and the food was great.  Be prepared to pay quite a bit because they won't allow plate sharing.  They charge for a home style meal, which is a large plate, and each additional person has to order a 'plate' of food off the menu.  We weren't prepared for this charge, but we were starving and needed to move on down the road, so we endulged.  Plus, we had leftovers for lunch the next day.
The original restaurant was started by an Italian man who was brewing beer on the site of the restaurant.  This was apparently against the law until the 1980's. His son and daughter in law are now the owners and brew the beer on site.  We did not come to the restaurant to buy this famous beer, we just stopped in because a friend recommended it as a tourist place to eat. We didn't order any beer, but it was a neat experience and unique place to eat.
 The pics are in our phone and I'll post later. 
We made it to Euless, TX later that evening and stayed at Comfort Inn.  We were able to get 2 suites, joining each other and that made all the difference.  There was lots of room for them to run and play and, of course, see ma maw Annie and Papaw.

Here he is, and yes he is wearing my daughter's sandals! It was an Auntie quirky idea. But the funny thing is, he is 6 months younger than her and he has very long feet, so I had to try it out.
 My sister is amazing.  She has an art degree so naturally, she created most of Jack's party items.  It was a really great venue located in a beautiful park near her home.

Last stop before saying goodbye, Rainforest Cafe.
Great entertainment for kids.  There is quite enough for them to watch while at the table and an experience they won't forget!

Leaving Texas. We got here just before dark and my son went crazy wanting to get 'on' the star.  We told him, no way, but then a night guard came and said, "hey, you know you can get up on the star for a picture, just don't get on the flowers!'
Thank you sir, now we have to let him climb up there. But no big deal, just a little mom paranoia!

Landon said, 'Look, Mom, I was surfing!'

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