Sunday, May 26, 2013

A couple of generations have passed, has our appreciation? Part II with you tube video

Part II 
Please read the first post to understand where I'm going on this one! Thanks!
Here is the video of a song that is so perfect for this story.  This is Big Daddy Weave's song entitled, "Redeemed".  I stumbled upon this video which is perfect for honoring the military on Memorial Day. Please watch and read the rest of the correlation below.

As I was thinking about the Coleson Marine who offered to take my grandfather's place in the Vietnam war, I'm reminded of another man.  A man who freely took my place and if not for him, it would me packing my bags and looking to be deported for war with the enemy.  A man who said, "I'll go, I have nothing to lose, I choose to give my life so that he may have his.  I'll be your hero, I'll be the savior, I'll fight the war so you won't have to."
This man-Jesus Christ. I'm so thankful for a God who was willing to send his only son, to take my place so I don't have to die for my sins. I'm so glad that the war has already been won and in my freedom, I AM REDEEMED.

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