Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Soccer Game & Bulldog Hair bow: Taking ordres

Due to the popular viewing on pinerest, of the Bulldog Hair Bow I made for Livia to support Landon in soccer, I  have a New Offer for the fans:
If You'd like to order this hair bow or one similar, they start at $10 and come with:
Your choice of hair clip or head band
Ribbon Style of your choice
Sport of your Choice
Team Colors
Team Number(s)
Accessories of Choice (extra $)

Sitting on the side lines, we wait in anticipation for Landon's first soccer match

Landon's cheerleader and her bulldog soccer bow. It was so much fun to make and easy too!  Supplies: ribbon, felt, feathers, puppy outline, thread, needle, hair clip, hot glue gun. I will post a tutorial for those who are interested. 

Landon's first game was almost rained out and it turned cold , but they were all troopers and ran fast to keep warm.  Landon wasn't much of a team player, he just wanted to run that ball. His coach says he really gets it and could "dribble" the soccer ball on the field!

Fun Leg warmers: made from women's knee socks! 
Let me know if you'd like me to make some for you!

Lil' Sister cheerleader

The next game , October 20th, Landon did so great, without any meltdowns.....except the last quarter.  This game he had a right to cry.  He and another boy were in a battle for the ball. Landon tailed behind him to steal it away and the boy reared back and Landon ran into his head.  Yes, a bloody nose was the result of this collision.  He said, Mom, I don't want to play anymore. So he sat on the sideline for the last quarter to wait for his nose to stop.  Poor little guy........and this is only preschool soccer? Oh dear, I'm in for a hard time raising a competitive boy! Here is the link to the video :
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