Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Science VS. Bible?

It's so nice watching the snow fall and the variety of birds in our backyard eating on the feeders.  It's such a privilege that I can sit with my children and look out the window and explain "why" the little birds know how to find food and how to take a bath in the dripping icicles and how to drink from the melting snow.  To explain that all this creation has a Creator and his name is God. And how if he can care for and create these little birds to know how to survive then this science proves there is a God.
 All of science does point to God from the ground up as we learn all we can about this world around us, however it is not in authority over the universe, because there is a higher power that is holding all this science together. You can believe science and teach science, but science will never give you an answer to why we're here on this earth.  To deny the fact that we're a people of social interaction and relationship is senseless, and therefore proves that we have a deep need to connect to someone. I am intrigued by apologetics and Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis. I am excited to see the opportunity of debates being presented with the world watching.  I'm ready for God's people to be awakened from their slumber. 
This week a bible lesson presented Josiah and how the people had forgotten God's book.  They found it under some rubbish and began to read it.  They repented to God for their forgetfulness of his word.
Let us remember where we came from and not be found with his word under some dusty books.  Let us repent as a nation and turn back to the true God. He said he would heal our land and prosper a nation who honors and serves him. Let us not forget the Lord.

If you haven't heard of Louis Giglio, please take the time to watch his videos and his session on Laminin and explanation of science theories.

Our little minds will never be able to wrap around a being who created this universe because we simply are not God. We simply cannot link ourselves to the knowledge of God unless we allow Jesus Christ to make that connection from us to God.  We can make ourselves gods on this planet and believe the lie that we control our world. But we can never determine how many days our bodies are alive on this planet and we cannot control what happens to our bodies after we die. What a scary thought, but a thought that can only be comforted by knowing the creator of this temporary place we call home.  Knowing this is not our real home.  Our creator put a soul in us that can never die.  That is something eternally necessary to insure our real future, to know where we came from, why we are here and where we are headed after we die on this planet.  This is what makes sense to me because my Heavenly Father has given this knowledge to me and granted me grace & mercy and shown me my place in this universe. God~he's the best science teacher ever! Science class never taught me this. 
I believe the answer to our nation is to return the History of the Bible with an accredited theologian teaching it in the classroom. Atleast, give the option! It sure makes my job easier as a Home Educator to answer my child's questions with, "God just did it that way" and show him the answer in the text.

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