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UPDATED Followup: I'm not a hippy because I started using Essential Oils

UPDATE: March 4, 2014
Since the following post, I am proud to announce that I am finally and completely done with Zyrtec. A prayer answered after nearly 2 years after being diagnosed with Chronic Hives.  A condition with no known cure and no certain known cause.  I have survived a roller coaster of events; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I am proud to say that after 14 days of no Zyrtec that I am finally coping with temporary  and sporadic flare ups.  I have found the main cause which I am almost 99% positive it is gluten products.  With the help of YL essential oils I am now able to get help with my symptoms.  I have taken Sulferzyme, which has the Ningxia Wolfberries(lycium barbarum)fruit & MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) in it.  These support a healthy immune system, aids in carbohydrate metabolism and promotes proper liver function.  Along with the other oils I am using to help the Eczema outbreaks on my face I am able to walk away from the cabinet and leave the Zyrtec on the top shelf.  I am controlling my diet with meal replacements and gluten free foods.  When I do eat gluten I am very aware of it within a very short time.  Side effects include: skin outbreaks, hives, eczema, dermatitis, runny nose, sneezing, swollen eyelids, cramping, diarrhea, headache, itching, bloating.  I am going to continue to take the Sulferzyme and I have ordered the Life5 to help replace good bacteria in my colon.  I think I am still in the process of a detox in my liver and colon.......and entire body. I am also taking Progessence Plus to balance horomones, which also play a part in skin problems and bloating. 35 years of Gluten intolerance can take a toll on your body. I'm just so sorry the research wasn't there back when I could have enjoyed life a lot more!
Post from 2/17.......
Although I am not a hippy there are several reasons why I've started using essential oils so I will use the initials EO throughout the rest of this post to reference and also will use YL for Young Living. I have done so much research over the past several years about getting rid of chemicals in my house due to a life long allergy crisis and the need for meeting my families' health needs due to lack of health insurance, better awareness of natural remedies and refusal to let the government push western medicine as to being the only option, which it is not.

So many people do not know about EO's because they either haven't researched them or had the vague concept that that's what hippies do.  But entirely the opposite is true because EO's have been around since ancient Biblical times.  In fact if you've watched any Christmas play or read the Christmas story you always hear "gold, frankincense and myrrh" as the 3 gifts to Jesus.  Well why do you think he was given the latter two?  Why did they use oils in the Old Testament for anointing and healing and worship?  What was it in these oils that was so great?  It's so simple, they are simply all from plants and things already given to us on this earth, in natural form, to use and learn about. It wasn't until Western Medicine came along that we find people relied less and less on natural things but sought after quick, get it over with, help me get rid of this symptom type mentality.  They stopped learning about natural ways and decided that life was just to busy to stop and treat yourself with some herbal tea take a few minutes out of the day to rest and apply natural plants to help the body heal itself.
I never liked taking medicine to begin with because I knew it was not natural, but man made.
Granted, western medicine has made amazing discoveries and wonderful solutions for human health and discovered treatments, therefore prolonging lives of thousands of people.  But there is something that Western Medicine leaves to be desired and that is much in the way of SIDE EFFECTS of the medicine.  There is not one medicine that has been created by man that doesn't, in some way, affect another part of the body in a negative way.  Now I am no doctor, nor did I go to medical school, so I am not claiming to know everything. However I do claim to know my body better than any other doctor.  In fact a Doctor can never help cure you unless you tell them what problem your having.  And a doctor may have to use several different ways to try and treat and sometimes misdiagnoses your problem.  The medicine they prescribe will only bandage up your problem and eliminate the symptoms, but the health problem is still there, just only covered up.  So now if you're treating your migraine headaches you can't drive because the Rx. impairs your nervous and mental capabilities.  Even the more modern topic of Marijuana causes the legal system to refuse because of it's physical impairments brought on by side effects.

So without further discussion I will explain why I am now using EO's.  I have researched many household recipes to clean using all natural, man made ingredients.  Even to the point of soap, shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, deodorant.......home spa treatments, facials and you name it-I've tried it. They're great but they're not as great until you add the EO's.  So I researched Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) and bought a couple brands and then I tried Lavender, both from a health food store.  These did help but they labeled the bottle with "not for internal use" and aromatherapy use only.  I tried one brand of Lavender for my daughter's wet wipes and she broke out in a rash, not good.

Speaking of rashes and such, I have had a terrible battle with trying to discover what is causing chronic hives after my second child was born. I had been diagnosed with this along with allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis and I have had several outbreaks of eczema on my face and some of my body.  This is an entirely different post to write on, but I thought I would share the background of what has pushed me to rid my body of these problems. I am tired of taking Zyrtec every day or two. I know it's not good for my body and is just pushing away the symptoms.  I want to go to the source of the problem whether it be hormones, stress, food allergies, skin allergies, etc. and remove the source instead of cover up the problem.

I have a nurse friend who had a best friend from Texas who discovered YLEO's which helped get rid of a serious infection when the antibiotics were only causing her and her family severe side effects.  Through YLEO she was able to heal and has completely stopped all use of OTC medicine and prescription drugs.  When all her friends are catching the latest bug, they wonder why her and her family are not sick all the time.  She simply shares her oils and tells her testimony.

My friend and I began educating ourselves about what makes a plant based and derived oil work and why it works.  The more I research the more I realize that our bodies weren't meant to handle man made chemicals.  It is the EO's in fact that contain the exact element that our body responds to without ANY side effects. How amazing is that? 

I have also learned that there may be a couple different oils that you need to try because the pH in each individual is different, based on the foods & drinks you consume. If you eat horrible and don't exercise, the oils have a harder and longer time at helping reach the cells in your body and are less effective.  I have discovered that the ingredients in an YLEO called Copaiba have a higher content than marijuana at helping with pain but with no side effects.

I have been using the oils since August of 2013. I ordered a kit which included the generally used oils along with a diffuser.  As a testimony, my son, who is 6 now, was able to get off of his children's zyrtec and his seldom used inhaler.  He no longer has an allergy problem for more than a day or two.  I begin immediately when I hear his symptoms: coughing or sneezing, runny nose.  If I don't start right away, it worsens throught the night and by morning he is croupy and sounds horrible.  He, in fact, had the Croup 2 times since he was two years old.  They were both VERY scary and had to take him to the ER.  The first episode he was turning blue and the second he was barely breathing with tears running down his face and saying, "mommy, I can't breath" all the while the inhaler was doing nothing to help.  After these episodes we would just whip out the in haler and use homeopathic cough medicine and at the last resort use a zyrtec.  When his fever would go up I'd break out the ibuprofen/children's advil.   Now with YLEO's I just use peppermint, lavender and thieves on his feet.  I start the diffuser with R.C., an oil that helps with respiratory problems and allergies and by morning he is doing better.  By the next day........not much symptoms.  By two days, the problems are gone.

I am so thankful for these precious oils, which I know our creator meant for us to use.  I also use the oils if the kids get a fever.  Peppermint and Lavender help reduce a fever and usually my kids, IF they get a fever, are just feverish for a day or so.  I am so thankful that I have the peace of mind that I am doing what is BEST for my children's health.  I don't have to feel guilty that I had to give them medicine to cover symptoms, but actually found something that their body craves and needs. BUT, not all EO's are equal.  In fact Young Living oils are the highest standard from seed to seal.  If you want to read more detailed information please check out the process here and please use my distributor number if you want to place an order  #1481459.

Now, back to my problem!  I have been using the lemon/peppermint oils in water to drink along with Thieves oil on our feet.  The lavender and peppermint help soothe the hives and help delay me needing to take the Zyrtec.  Until I find the source of my problem I will continue to use the oils and keep taking away and adding in my journal of what is going on with my body.

As I researched about chronic hives I discovered that doctors do not know the cause in chronic cases.  So the patient must eliminate the cause to try and figure what is causing it.  So I have eliminated most all chemicals and have narrowed down the cause to a few things. I'm trying to find what has been constant since about the time of the beginning of the hives.  I found myself using a lot of coconut oil in most things and started those around the time of the hives beginning.  Now I have wondered, through the scientific method and overwhelming questioning, if I was allergic to coconut oil.  So I have gotten rid of my Kirk's soap and am using goats milk soap.  I have rewashed nearly everything in my house and still no end of the hives. 

Along with the skin questions I also had to question the foods I was eating.  So now I am down to going gluten free.  This has helped with the chronic bloating and helped my skin break outs.  This might have something to do with causing the eczema with is leading to hives, but I am still not sure. From what I read I found that gluten allergies can react for up to 8 months. 

So the research goes on, but I am certain that the oils have helped my family.  If we have a headache we get out the peppermint and valor.  If we pull a muscle, we pour on the valor and PanAway.  If the kids get a scratch we use the lavender.  When we wake up each morning, we use Thieves on our feet.  This particular oil blend was used by Thieves when they would rob graves to prevent from getting diseases from the dead bodies.  I also have been using an oil called Progessence which helps balance hormones.  I had been getting these horrible cysts on my chin area each month and now they are gone.  My husband uses R.C. and Purification EO's on his externally exposed blood vein blister.  I can't think of the medical term for it.....however I do know that it is almost shrunk to nothing.  Before it looked like a huge purple mole on his lower cheek area. How amazing is that?

On top of these topical oils we can take most of them internally.  This is how I was convinced that this was the best and safest company. No other company and compete with the standards of YL.  Make sure you educate yourself. Not only with the companies processes but also read lots of blogs and books about EO's.  Compare the companies ethics and business practices and also research the history of the company.  I do know that YL is a company that has been around for a while longer than DoTerra and some members of YL split off to form Do Terra. I'm not into putting down another company, but I do consider business ethics when I research a company and I am pleased with YL and their extensive line of oils that no other company can compare to. YL founder, Gary Young has been asked to set the standards for all other oil companies when the new guidelines are going to be set.  This says a lot about Gary's scientific research and travels all over the world to research new plants and share them with people.  I know that Aura Cacia is not to be taken internally which is a red flag.  I just don't trust any other oils and am afraid of using anything that might be diluted or mixed with something else or does not list the complete ingredients.    I know that if you put it on your skin it only takes a few seconds to reach every cell in your body. 

Please research the oils and educate yourself before using them.  They are simply something that you'll never be sorry for using and will be sorry you never heard of them before now.  I know I am so grateful for the oils and I thank God everyday for his provision during this time that could be scary without insurance.  But I have hope that God will meet all our needs as long as I keep seeking him for answers to help our health and wellness.  He has shown me great things since YLEO.  And I am going to keep researching answers to help my body get rid of the hives and more importantly praying for a supernatural healing in my body.  Thanks for reading and feel free to share your questions or comments.  If you're among the few 5% of the population that has chronic hives or have had them, please share what you discovered to get rid of them or if you still suffer them.

Please feel free to write your thoughts here, I'd love to read them!
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