Monday, June 30, 2014

Roasting Marshmallows Indoors?

Whether you like your marshmallows a burnt crusty black or a nicely toasted light brown, you can have the same great taste indoors.  Granted it won't have that woodsy & smoky campfire taste, but the taste is a close second when you use the Broiler in your oven. 
 Having pregnancy cravings have pushed me to find a way to have a toasty marshmallow without the effort of a huge campfire in our backyard fire pit by myself.  No, i normally sneak one when the kids are napping or playing by themselves.  I just don't like to share sometimes or maybe because it's almost dinner.
I've found that the biggest delight is from the Giant marshmallow roasters. For one serving  I like to stick 2 marshmallows on a non-stick baking pan in the oven and turn on the Broiler to Lo.  Caution: Oven Broilers should not be unattended.  Once you turn that bad boy on, just stay right there in front of the oven on a stool and turn the oven light on.  Don't check your email or phone messages while you wait because things can go really crazy if not watched.  Just really like watching your marshmallow on the open never know when it could catch on fire.  Take the swollen marshmallows out when they reach the desired layer of toasty and enjoy immediately.  The longer they sit on the pan the harder they are to get off.  The outside is crispy and inside is ooey goodness!  An extra bonus comes when mixed with Nutella or almond butter and honey. Yum.

If you want to make indoor s'mores, just put your graham crackers on a separate pan and take them out sooner then your marshmallows, they brown very quickly. Once you get them out of the oven, put your chocolate squares, Nutella or almond butter right on the warm cracker.  When your marshmallows are toasted enough, just layer it in between and eat up.

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