Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's New and Upcoming at the Girl with Panache? A collection of finished/sold projects

 Hello Friends! I have a big announcement coming soon, so please keep reading my posts and I will inform you as soon as the details are finalized.
In the meantime, here's what's happening around here with the Girl with Panache.  I have several items for sale or already sold and they're featured at Wasted Vintage and Antiques & Serendipity Consignment in Greenwood, AR and The Parson's Daughter Booth at the MagPie in Clarksville, AR.
My items for sale are unique and mostly vintage makeovers, so you won't find them anywhere else.  Also, some items are Pottery Barn knock offs or Anthropologie inspirations.  I like to use what Martha Stewart said when asked if she copies other peoples work, she simply said she was inspired by other peoples ideas and she never copies, but she takes an item and finds a way to simply make it better.
Here is a list of almost all of my finds and makeovers.  I almost never have more than one of the same thing, so if you see something you like, hurry over to one of the places and get them before they're gone.  The Noel Hymnal Letters and the Hymnal/Book wreaths can be special ordered but most others have no duplicates.  If you are looking for something particular, I can be on the lookout for you and give it a modern vintage makeover or totally repurpose an antique item with just a few tweaks! 

SOLD/1 available at MagPie

Owl/Deer Canvas Painting:Deer Sold, owl Available and featured at Serendipity Consignment

Owl Vintage Book Wreath: 1 Sold, 1 Available at Wasted, Special Order

Custom Order/SOLD

Sold at Parson's Daughter Booth @ Magpie
Custom Birthday Favorites Typography

More sold items and finished projects loading soon!

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