Monday, November 18, 2013

Classical Music for Kids Meets Drums Home Education Resource

This is a short and sweet post today, however profoundly a great resource for kids interested in drums, yet reluctant to listen to Classical Music.  While studying Classics For kids, a kindergarten introduction to music, I stumbled upon this amazing drummer. The first video I found was really great and his name is Nick Letizio on You Tube.

Nick is very talented and sparked an interest for Landon to really practice his drums so he can play like Nick.

We used Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 to introduce the idea of start/stop beat, no steady beat, Loud, soft and crescendo.  
Here is the link for the music study which can be used for K-2 and you can print out the lesson plan:
The Second Video I accidentally found was simply amazing, especially seeing he had over 2 million hits on some of his videos.  This particular video he has set to Morse Code which would also be great for teaching this plus rhythms and the Alphabet.  If you have a preschooler who's having trouble being interested in letters, but likes drums.......he just might like this!  He has a variety of videos of his drum solo set to different types of music. There is even a video incorporating classical with Super Mario Game music.  I'm all about being creative and finding new ways to teach.We will be using some of his videos in our music sessions. 
My childhood was full of music from my church, school band and my love for drums, piano (playing by ear), clarinet and just a love of all kinds of music. Even if you aren't able to teach music, you can certainly use this cirricula to teach and you might even begin a love of learning music.  You can have your child go online and mix his own music and beats and begin to read simple notes. It's a great resource for the Private Home Educator! Hope this was helpful!
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