Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Parable of the Frog, a story Uncle Si would enjoy!

I've never heard of what I'm about to share, so please be advised, it's about to get as gross as High School Biology Lab day.  In fact, I remember that week very clearly.  I was already familiar with the smell of formaldehyde from my dad's taxidermy, but it is still never became a pleasant smell to me, especially when the class is right before lunch period.  I hated the frog lab week and I really despised the lab rats.  In fact, I was so disgusted with each lab exam, I made a horrible grade on all those 'parts' we had to label and sometimes stick a color coded pin into the flesh.  I was often day dreaming of a class where a living animal was the source of inspiration for a painting or drawing or at least the images for a little boys room design, never an investigation into a dead, bloated animal corpse!  And I certainly would never eat fried frog legs, or boiled frog legs or any sort of frog part.  Recently watching Duck Dynasty has enlightened my knowledge of such people and their delicacies.  I love the country fresh air and the freedom it brings and I realize that some people like to literally live off the land, but I would rather 'hear' those frogs than to see them on my plate.
Uncle Si would enjoy coming to eat the frogs I've discovered in our backyard.  Here are the images I found today:

Guess these critters were trying to cool off from the mist of the a/c unit and ended up getting fried instead. Oops, should have been down at the pond!

So, to my story of our A/C unit I now go.  In the spring when the first hot day came, our A/C would not come on so we called the repair service and they were out within a few hours.  Within a few minutes, the service man said, with a quirky little smile, "mam, it's up and running.  You see sometimes frogs like to get warm where the wiring is housed and they overheat the wires causing them to short out and then trip the breaker."I said, "so it was a frog huh? I guess he's, well.....fried?"  He responded again with a quirky smile as I looked at our 5 year old son, "Yes mam, I pulled him out and repaired the wires, it was black inside the panel from the sparks and he was a crispy little critter".  He said that this happens a lot, but it's an easy fix.

Wow! What a vivid biology/science lesson for Landon, what a 

costly little varment & what a dumb animal.

 I remember the fact that frogs cannot respond to hot water if it's 

heated slowly, they just don't realize the heat is getting too hot and 

then forego their need to escape because they're simply only 

concerned with their selfish need to get warm.

That reminds me of the way us Christians can somehow get caught up in a place and through merely trying to stay 'comfortable' they end up stuck.  We try and conform to that place and seek refuge with something that's not our natural habitat.  How we might be trying to seek comfort with things that weren't meant for us and in effect cause ourselves to adapt to the heat until it's too late.
It's easy to find alternative answers for our needs in life and basically become self sufficient.  We can get so far away from God and relying on him that we alternatively burn ourselves up by self gratifications and self sufficiency.  

There have been times in my life that I found myself floating in Christianity until I became comfortable, unchallenged and not growing in God.  Then, God decided it was time to stretch my faith and he then allowed some hard challenges to come my way.  It was for my own good so that I could learn to rely ONLY on him, so I could not even boast about what I was doing, but could only turn to him.  It was then that I learned the different capabilities of God, I came to know him as Healer, Provider, Sustainer and sometimes only Friend. For if it wasn't for these lessons, I wouldn't be able to explain how God is any of these things.
Here is a song by LeCrae that would fit this particular attitude of boasting in God and not in ourselves.
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I think if we find ourselves in this position, we need to evaluate who we're relying on mostly and turn things back over to God and let him handle things for us.  We certainly don't have any business getting into a place that is grounds for compromising God's word or blending into the worldly views of today.  After all, we're living to please God and not man. Many people are just 'fans' of Christianity and not a true follower of Christ.   There is a difference and a great explanation of this is found in the book, "not a fan".  If you  watch the video along with the reading, you will find it an overwhelming realization of what it means to follow Christ in this generation.

 I'm afraid that getting on the worldly wires to save our lives or our

 reputation of being a "Jesus Freak", will only end up with us losing

 our eternal life in the presence of the Almighty.

Thoughts for today.
Please feel free to write your thoughts here, I'd love to read them!
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