Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's day & Friday giveaway

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's day. Here's a look at our day and a link to facebook's friday giveaway!

Today's  Friday giveaway...........from

Home Coffee Grinder | Hamilton Beach | Platinum Grind Coffee Grinder by Hamilton Beach. This coffee grinder has an attractive black decor, and uses a hands free design that allows you to press the button and let go, turning itself off automatically. The retractable cord makes for convenient, be

Go to the link above & connect with the facebook page of for a chance to win the coffee grinder!

After a fabulous valentine's day yesterday, let me share with you my day:

Landon's mother's day out class treat bags & chalkboard race car box, pulled by Mater

Inside goody bag: tootsie ROLLs, wheat choc. chip cookies, & racecar maze

The kids were able to draw on the race car and design it how they wished 

He made a special delivery to my door, with a Bunn machine! oh, what a great husband!

The hottest delivery guy I've ever seen at my door!

Ms. Capresso, meet Mr. Bunn~ A perfect frothy couple!

Valentine's day dance to the Little Rascals', "let me call you sweetheart" song

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