Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Picture Contest! A glimpse of our Rare Snow day in Arkansas

Please send me your favorite snow pics ( and I will choose my favorite to post on my blog. (Family included, although this will be hard not to choose!) Write a short description of your experience.

Our Snow Day!
Those have been seldom here in Arkansas the last few years, so we took every advantage to let Landon experience the most he could!

"Mmmm. Those snowflakes tasted like sugar"

He didn't last long after stating, "I'm gonna stay out in the snow ALL DAY". Shortly after he decided that his cheeks were cold, so we resumed play by setting up his tent and tunnel indoors!

She's not real sure about this tunnel thing!

Rare Moment of Brother and Sissy giving kisses

Livia is showing Landon how to do the 'fishy' face!

About 2:30 pm, Out our front door, those are the biggest flakes I've seen in a long time

I told Landon that his ball was going to be a snow man soon, Landon said, "No,'s going to be a giant snowball"

We opened the door and several snowflakes drifted in, Here is one on the jute rug, it was huge!
Later on........Landon ventures outside. He decided that he wanted to play in the snow every day, if only his glove would stay on and his boot!
Hmmmm, what to do with a ball in the snow?

A snow angel, of course!
 He had to try out the tractor......
If only we had snow chains on this thing, it was too slippery!
This mug must be vintage (not really) I bought this around 1995-96 with my hard earned money as either a pharmacy assistant or catfish house waitress.  I was so proud of this mug and unfortunately the other one broke after moving 10 times since then!  Landon got to use it as his special hot chocolate mug!

Livia's first hot chocolate (well, warm choc. milk)

Here is what I'd like to share today....
Williams Sonoma's hot chocolate flask and the best homemade hot chocolate you'll ever have.

This glass flask comes with a hand held frother and hot choclate recipe.  The can on the left is the peppermint hot chocolate mix and is also great, but........I guarantee it is the richest and creamiest you'll ever have.
I got this for christmas several years ago and seldom use it, but when we do, it's sooooo good.

Here is the recipe:

Williams Sonoma no longer carries this glass pot, but you can find the frother on their site or check out ebay for this particular one I have.

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