Friday, March 30, 2012

Memo Board

 Here is my hallway memo board This glass frame was once an espresso brown color.  I removed the glass and used the foam backing to adhere my burlap to.  This was originally a burlap coffee bag, I just reversed the image and used the plain side  for a neutral background.  I took jute twine and started crisscrossing from front to back. You may want to measure the width and length and space evenly and mark at each crossing point. My board was not exactly perfect, since I was in such a hurry in between kid naps.  I tied off the ends and just used my hot glue gun and secured the spaces and then onto the frame.  
I have some mini clothespins for hanging artwork/pics that I'll be mod podging .  And here they are...... (updated 10-21-12)

Painting The Frame
I used a sander/deglosser gel and rubbed it on with an old cloth, using gloves.
Next, I added some white linen paint with a soft sponge brush and let it nearly dry and then used a wire sponge to scratch it up a bit.
Then I used some blue acrylic paint and dry brushed it on, and finally some sand colored acrylic to add some antique effects and then again used the wire sponge to reveal the original expresso frame color. The final step is to spray on a clear top coat, which hasn't been done yet. 
Now we hang anything from special art work, to memo's and reminders, seasonal pictures and just stuff that we want to be reminded of!

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