Friday, March 30, 2012

Homemade Wipes

I have been researching several recipes for homemade baby wipes so I have this one to share.  Most people recommended the Bounty brand, however I tried the members mark brand at Sam's wholesale club and they work just perfectly for the baby wipes and also adult wipes.

1/2 roll member's mark paper towels with the half perforation
(cut using chef's knife instead of serrated bread knife, unless you want little lint pieces going everywhere)
1 tupperware container with lid
2 cups water
1 1/2 Tbs baby wash
1 Tbs Baby Oil
1 drop tea tree oil


Boil 2 cups filtered water or use distilled water, allow to cool
While cooling, mix the following:
1 1/2 Tbs baby wash  or if you make your own from castile soap would work just as nice
1 Tbs baby oil ( some recipes have olive oil) Just as long as it is a carrier oil since we will add the next ingredient requiring this,
1 drop tea tree oil

Mix slowly then pour in 2 cups of cooled water
Place paper towel, cut side down into container and mixture
Let is soak up all the liquid then turn over and soak again, then remove the cardboard insert, voila..... cover with lid. If you don't use these very quickly, check for any signs of odor or mold.  Ours are used up in about a week with frequent baby usage and we smell nothing but sweetness. Note: These are not flushable.

 Now for the adult wipes...
 Same recipe, however you can use any essential oil your tushy cushy likes just make sure to dilute appropriately.  I took the half paper towel roll and unrolled it, making sure to separate half way so that I could divide them easily into two wipes containers later. Since they are half way perforated, it made it easy to fold, accordion style into the dish of prepared soap. Once soaked through, I turned them over and waited. Once they were soaked, I divided them into each dispenser folding them into smaller stacks.   Just perfecto!You can put any extra's into the fridge in a ziploc bag to keep until you need refills.
Note....these are not flushable! just in case you are wondering.
cost : around 25 cents each!
cost: around 50 cents!

 Now for the Mod Podge Idea:
this is my first of many mod p. projects, however was so much fun and easy.
I picked some scrapbook paper that coordinated with the nursery. Used an exacto knife to cut the top.
 Next i taped some ribbon on and measured then cut and did the same with the bottom piece.  I like to tape and measure twice and cut once!   also I can arrange the pieces in different layouts so I can figure out where I want everything exactly.

Trial run with tape

Before mod podge, I decided to change it up a bit

Here she is, isn't she a dandy? (southern term for a cutie)

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